Household Laundry

Household Laundry Services
by Page the Cleaner

Welcome to Page the Cleaner, your trusted family-owned dry cleaner in Edmonton since 1935. We take pride in providing top-notch dry cleaning services, and our expertise extends beyond your everyday garments. Discover the convenience and care we bring to the cleaning of your household items.

Why Choose Page the Cleaner for Household Laundry?

History of Excellence

With over eight decades of experience, we have perfected the art of dry cleaning. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a household name in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Expertise in Handling Delicate Fabrics

Your household items deserve special attention. From delicate linens to intricate drapes, our skilled team understands the unique requirements of various fabrics, ensuring they are treated with the utmost care.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Page the Cleaner, we invest in cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results. Our advanced dry cleaning processes are designed to remove stains, odors, and allergens effectively, leaving your household items refreshed and revitalized.

What Household Items Can We Dry Clean?

Bedding and Linens

Revitalize your bedroom by dry cleaning your duvets, comforters, and bedspreads. Our specialized process ensures a deep clean without compromising the integrity of the fabric.

Curtains and Drapes

Give your windows a makeover by entrusting us with your curtains and drapes. Our gentle yet effective dry cleaning methods preserve the color and texture of your window treatments.

Tablecloths and Napkins

Enhance your dining experience by keeping your table linens in pristine condition. Our expert dry cleaning helps to remove stains and maintain the vibrancy of your favorite tablecloths and napkins.

Decorative Pillows

Whether it’s decorative throw pillows or cushion covers, we can freshen up your living space. Our dry cleaning process is tailored to protect the embellishments and delicate trims on your pillows.

How It Works

1. Drop-off or Schedule a Pickup

Visit any of our convenient locations or schedule a pickup for your household items.

2. Expert Evaluation

Our experienced team assesses the fabric type and any specific care instructions.

3. Advanced Dry Cleaning

Your items undergo our advanced dry cleaning process, removing stains and ensuring a fresh, clean finish.

4. Quality Inspection

Each item is meticulously inspected to ensure it meets our high standards before being returned to you.

Experience the Page the Cleaner Difference

Discover the unparalleled care and attention your household items deserve. Trust Page the Cleaner for all your dry cleaning needs, and let us bring new life to your cherished possessions.

Contact us today to schedule your household laundry services!

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