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Canada Goose™
Cleaning Edmonton

Page the Cleaner is Edmonton’s only approved cleaner for Canada Goose™ parkas. In order to qualify for this designation, representatives from Canada Goose™ visited our facility, observed our cleaning and interviewed our team. You can be assured that when you clean your Canada Goose™ apparel with Page the Cleaner, that we will take the utmost care and attention to ensure great results. 

Between cleanings, taking great care of your Canada Goose™ Parka will help it to maintain good condition and last as long as possible.

Tips For Caring For Your Parka

1.     Store it Clean – fabrics can be permanently damaged or degraded over by oils, soiling and sweat. 

2.     Remove Trim If Possible – store the fur trim vertically, with space, so that it does not become crushed or flattened.

3.     Protect It – to keep dust from settling on your garment, store in a breathable garment bag

4.     Hang In a Spacious, Dark, Dry Place – do not compress or cram it into a crowded closet.

5. Freshen Up Your Coat – when you take it out of storage, if the fur is removable, remove and put in the dryer on low heat to fluff it up. Do not do this if the fur is not removable.

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