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Page Industrial Garment Cleaning services includes specialty items like Nomex™ fire proof items, coveralls, oil field garments, shop clothing, and gloves. Page Industrial Dry Cleaning services are available at the Page Main Plant in Edmonton, through our extensive pick-up and delivery coverage, or at any one of our network of over 200 conveniently located depots and agents across central Alberta.

Page will return your industrial garments to you clean, comfortable and safe. Even though a freshly cleaned garment may appear the same as a safe garment, this is a not always the case. Page has done research to improve the service and safety of garments that we clean. Read on.

Dry Cleaning vs. Laundry for Industrial Cleaning
Unless otherwise labeled all industrial garments in the care of Page are dry cleaned in dedicated industrial cleaning equipment using specially formulated industrial cleaning products. Dry cleaning removes oily soil much more effectively than conventional water based laundry methods. Properly done professional dry cleaning also ensures the preservation of fire retardent treatments and the longevity of garments as dry cleaning is tough on soil but gentle on fabric.

Garment Repairs: In addition to cleaning, Page has a dedicated team of staff specializing in repairs to industrial garments. From small holes to tears, zipper replacements, to custom name tags and logo badges, our repair department offers a full range of services.


Static electricity control: At Page we clean industrial garments in dedicated dry cleaning machines using special detergents designed for heavy duty cleaning and anti-static properties. Static electricity is a major safety hazard in industry and if ignored static can lead to lost lives.

Fire Retardant: Some cleaners think that stains on an industrial garment should not matter, but they do. If a stain is not removed it can become a fire hazard. Many oily industrial stains can only be removed through dry cleaning. Unless otherwise labeled, Page drycleans all industrial garments to ensure retention of fire proof qualities. When Page repairs your industrial garments we also use fire proof patches and thread to ensure that 100% of your garment remains fire retardent.

Stripe Safe Cleaning: Our clean will not damage your quality reflective stiping. Page can help keep your garments safe by installing new “reflective safety stripes” on your industrial garments.

Coverall Supply

Visit us at pageworkwear.com for information on fire retardant coverall supply.

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