Professional Alterations And Repairs

Girl in a jacket

Girl in a jacket

If you have a zipper on an old backpack that doesn’t work anymore, or a worn leather jacket from the 80’s that you want to bring back, Page The Cleaner can help. We do more than just dry cleaning - Page The Cleaner is your all-in-one stop for dry cleaning, custom tailoring and alterations. We can help when you need to get pants tailored or a wedding dress hemmed. Our specialized tailors offer repair and alteration services including zipper repair, leather garment repair, wedding dress alterations, pants alterations, coat alterations, curtain alterations, general clothing alterations and much more! For professional tailored repair or alterations of your household items or clothing, contact Page The Cleaner.

Details Matter

We believe that the best cleaning results for our customers are still achieved through good old fashioned personal attention to detail. You can always see and feel the difference that Page makes in your clothing.

Award-Winning Value and Customer Service

Page The Cleaner is the multi year winner of the Consumer Choice Award.

Page Valet Service - FREE Pick Up & Delivery

We provide FREE pick up & delivery services for all dry cleaned garments. Schedule a pick up online. 

Full Range of Services

In addition to helping with your usual dry cleaning and laundry needs, Page also cleans everything from leather garments to specialty fabrics. We have a variety of specialists available that can handle any cleaning situation that comes our way.

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