How much is it to dry clean?

If you are shopping for a dry cleaner, it can be tough to know how much your dry cleaning will cost in advance. The price varies depending on the method of cleaning, services included, number of items and the types of items. Ask if there are extra fees like material or environmental fees – we do not add these fees to your bill.

Fabric, Details and Styles

Delicate fabrics like silk or satin require more gentle handling, which can increase the cost. Details on your clothes, such as beads, sequins, and custom stitching, also require special attention. Some items are designed with structural detail like pleats and layers, which can increase the time and attention needed for cleaning. Formal wear requires different service, and the price will reflect this.

Special Treatment

In addition, your item might require stain removal or odour treatment. Our dry cleaning staff is trained in the careful removal of spots and stains while preserving your garment. 

Additional Services

You may request additional services along with your dry cleaning, such as repairs and alterations. These extra services will impact the overall price of your dry cleaning.

Common Price Ranges

To give you an idea how much is it to dry clean, here are some common clothing items and a range of prices you might expect to pay. Your dry cleaning cost will be specific to your garments. For an exact estimate, visit one of our locations with your items, and ask our staff to help you.

  1. Dress Shirt: ≈ $10 to $13
  2. Blouse: ≈ $10 to $15
  3. Suit (Jacket and Pants): ≈ $35 to $47
  4. Dress: ≈ $30 to $42 +
  5. Winter Coat: ≈ $20 to $40 
  6. Sweater: ≈ $16 to $22
  7. Jeans: ≈ $15 to $25
  8. Skirt: ≈ $15 to $25 +
  9. Cashmere Sweater: ≈ $26 to $35 
  10. Tie: ≈ $10 to $13

Is it worth dry cleaning my clothes?

When you bring clothing to a cleaner, you are getting professional stain removal, cleaning, and finishing, following care guidelines very closely. Each item gets the special attention it deserves before it is returned to you at pick-up time. This service helps clothes to last longer and stay in better condition – meaning that yes, dry cleaning is worth it!

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Did a very nice job cleaning and mending all of my clothes, including a Carhartt shirt with multiple holes that was probably a pita to fix. Good place to go for work clothes repair

- B

Always friendly and considerate staff. We know and trust our clothes will be treated with the utmost care. Thank you for your service

- Grace Knight